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A prophetic book written before its time

The purpose of this book is to not only point the Christian to a higher path but for non-Christians to gain insight into a Way of life that the Creator intended both from a fresh and innovative perspective. 

This presentation is a preparatory guide to prepare ones mind to make the Shift from the old energy paradigm into the new energy of spiritual consciousness and awareness of Restoration.  The revelations within are apart from the erroneous concepts of religiousness, and denominationalism to a non-traditional and revelatory Universal Spiritual Truth for people from all walks of life. It establishes a firm foundation on which to build higher Truth based on revelation received from the Most High; studying the Scriptures and other books of antiquity. have used Scripture references in order to have a basis from which to show how these Truths concur with and connect to a Divine Universal Creator.  This gives us a basis in which to reveal prophetic Truths free from error and false interpretations; to disclosure of the old ‘shadows’ and ‘types’ to the esoteric historical writings and a new spiritual awareness.  This will set the foundations for humans restoration, renewal and transformation back into that perfect state of IAM.  Therefore, presenting the Keys that unlock the Secret Treasures and pathways to the Tree of Life.

The Third Day Sons  is a collection of prophetic revelations written in symbolism, metaphors and prophetic euphemisms. The prophetic revelations contained within The Third Day Sons are designed specifically as a training tool for those who desire to make the Shift to being Restored in order to fulfill their Life-Purpose while on this earth.  It is for those who desire to be leaders in this Kingdom Age and those leaders who want to ascend the spiritual realms beyond the veil to proclaim untainted truth from ZION.   

This anointed book is designed to draw the human into an awakened  god consciousness and point them into their spiritual reality.  Within its pages are truths  to prompt the Sons  to seek the truth of their reality in their own personal studies to receive additional truth and revelation for them.   

These “Sons” include the Firstborns and those operating within the Fivefold Ministry, the Enlightened Ones or Light Workers. The Book Third Day Sons. has prophetic informational revelations that identify those Sons; the Creators ultimate plan for man while traveling through life’s journey here on earth; the purpose of resurrection and restoration;   how one may become Teleios in their Order; and   how to obtain Divine Union as a Christ here on earth no matter what their purpose in life. 

THIRD DAY SONS is a prophetic resource that will help the believer gain a deeper relationship with  the Creator through prayer, meditation, contemplatation and revelation.  Learn how you can:

  • Develop unbroken communication and fellowship in Spirit... 
  • Experience the manifestation of blessings in every facet of life...
  • Learn and declare truths that draws one into putting on the Mind of Christ, and...
  • Learn how to be drawn into Divine Union with the Divine Creator as 'I AM'...




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